Achieve Work-Life Balance

Thanks for joining the maiden voyage of this webpage.  My intent is to create an idea exchange and forum for discussing happiness and joy in medical work and the impact of clinical careers on personal life.  Disclaimer: I am not a therapist.  I am a cardiologist in first career and transitioned to real estate brokerage as my fulfillment/longevity/survival strategy.  I’d like to hear yours.

In the news

This week’s New England Journal of Medicine (V320#4): feature article is about mental health screening in credentialing, certification and licensure for clinicians. Burnout and beyond is a hot topic and will become cash flowing, bureaucratic big business. 

Doctors nationwide are burnt out and unsatisfied. Many want to quit the profession entirely, according to a new survey from the Physicians Foundation. 



"Is This It?"

So, really, how much time do you spend wondering and wondering evermore, about am I where I want to be in life, “is this it?” 

  • I’m getting tired, and wonder how much longer I can (or want) to do this

  •  I can’t afford to stop or slow down 

  • I made promises to a family about “how it was going to be” 

  • This is what I know.  I don’t know anything else. 

Would you grade yourself as fully content, adequately content or discontent? 

Are you motivated to take action, conflicted to the point of inertia, or paralyzed?

My commitment is to provide provocative thought and content. Don't be afraid of a perceived “one step backward”, when the result may well be two (or more)  steps forward!  

Happy New Year, colleague! David Reis MD

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