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The Power of an All-in-One Platform (CRM + Lead Gen Tool)

Raymond P. (Randy) Reis III

Raymond P...

Raymond P...

Sep 28 2 minutes read
This blog post details the power of the kvCore platform. I think after watching this set of short videos you'll agree that kvCore is an incredibly robust package that can really drive new business and save valuable time through automation. In today's tech driven real estate world, you need cutting edge tools to compete for that lead, that listing, and that paycheck. The best tools are those that integrate the many facets of our businesses, we all know how difficult it is getting different systems to work together. And it needs to be simple enough that an agent will use them. Having an icon on your desktop that never gets clicked is of no value, and if you are paying for it, well nothing more needs to be said......

kvCore checks off all of those boxes. It simply is the most powerful tool I've come across in all of my years in real estate. And........ it's free to all eXp agents as it is included as part of eXp's Technology Package. An agent subscribing to kcCore individually would be charged about $500 monthly for this same product. Below is a set of links that provide short videos giving a general overview for each of the components of the system. The 10 videos average under 4 minutes each. I suggest pouring a cup of coffee and prepare to have plenty of thoughts about how you could be using this tool to grow your business. After you've given them a look, please let me know your thoughts.

INTRO 1:15

Success Story - Ron Snow - 1:17

Smart CRM - 7:02

Marketing Autopilot  - 5:47

Websites & IDX  - 6:16

Lead Engine  - 3:52

Listings - 5:42

Transactions  - 5:06

Business Analytics  - 5:30

Marketplace  - 2:52

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