Dyker Heights

Dyker Heights is a residential neighborhood in the southwest corner of the borough of Brooklyn in New York City, US. It is sandwiched between Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, and Gravesend Bay. The neighborhood is officially bounded by 7th and 14th Avenues, 65th Street, and the Belt Parkway on the west, east, north, and south respectively.

It originated as a speculative luxury housing development in October 1895 when Walter Loveridge Johnson developed a portion of woodland into a suburban community. During the height of his development, the boundaries were primarily between Tenth Avenue and Thirteenth Avenue and from 79th Street to 86th Street. The finest homes of the development were situated along the top of the 110-foot (34 m) hill, at about Eleventh Avenue and 82nd Street. Dyker Heights is patrolled by the 68th Precinct of the NYPD.


The center of Dyker Heights is not served by subway, but its neighboring communities are. Bay Ridge is served by the BMT Fourth Avenue Line (R train), with stations at Bay Ridge Avenue, 77th Street, 86th Street and 95th Street. The far south end of Boro Park is served by the BMT Sea Beach Line (N train), with stations at Fort Hamilton Parkway and New Utrecht Avenue. Bensonhurst is served by the BMT West End Line(D train), with stations at 79th Street, 71st Street and 62nd Street.

Several local New York City Bus routes and one express route serve Dyker Heights; the routes are B1, B4, B16, B64, B70, X28.

Dyker Heights is accessible by car via the Belt Parkway as well as the Interstate 278 (Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Staten Island, Gowanus Expressway, and Brooklyn-Queens Expressway).


  • Poly Prep Country Day School (Pre-K – 12th Grade)
  • Leif Ericson Day School (Pre-K – 8th Grade; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
  • St. Bernadette School (Pre-K – 8th Grade; Roman Catholic)
  • St. Ephrem School (Pre-K – 8th Grade; Roman Catholic)
  • JHS 201 Dyker Heights (6th Grade – 8th Grade)
  • JHS 259 William Mckinley (6th Grade – 8th Grade)
  • PS 127 Mckinley Park (Kindergarten – 5th Grade)
  • PS-IS 229 Dyker (Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade)
  • PS 204 Vince Lombardi (Pre-Kindergarten – 5th Grade)
  • PS 163 Bath Beach (Pre-Kindergarten-5th Grade)
  • PS 112 Lefferts Park (Kindergarten-5th Grade)
  • PS 176 The Ovington School (Kindergarten – 5th Grade)
Early childhood education
  • Lefferts Park Baptist Church Daycare (2 years old – 6 years old)



Bensonhurst is a large, multiethnic neighborhood in the southwestern part of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, in the United States. As defined by the New York City Planning Commission, the neighborhood's borders are 14th Avenue and Dyker Heights to the west, 60th Street Borough Park to the north, McDonald Avenue and Avenue N Midwood to the east and northeast, Stillwell Avenue and 86th Street southeast Gravesend, and 86th Street and 16th Avenue Bath Beach on the south and southwest.

It was well known as a Little Italy of Brooklyn due to its once large Italian-American population.

Bensonhurst has the largest population of residents born in China of any neighborhood in New York City and is now home to Brooklyn's second Chinatown.The neighborhood accounts for 9.5% of the 330,000 Chinese-born residents of the city, based on data from 2007-2011.

Public transportation

The D train, which runs on the BMT West End Line above 86th Street, provides a direct connection to Grand Street in Manhattan while the N train, which runs on the BMT Sea Beach Line near 63rd Street, provides a direct connection to Canal Street. This provides convenient commutes into Manhattan's Chinatown for the growing Bensonhurst Chinese population. The Sea Beach Line has a station at Eighth Avenue in Brooklyn's Sunset Park Chinatown and a transfer to the West End Line is available at New Utrecht Avenue / 62nd Street. The IND Culver Line along McDonald Avenue, carrying the F train, also runs through the most northeastern end of Bensonhurst between the Bay Parkway and Kings Highway stations.

Subway stations in the neighborhood include New Utrecht Avenue / 62nd Street, 71st Street, 79th Street, 18th Avenue, 18th Avenue, 20th Avenue, 20th Avenue, Bay Parkway, Bay Parkway, 25th Avenue, Avenue N and Avenue P.

The B1, B3, B4, B6, B8, B9, B64, B82 bus lines operate through Bensonhurst.


The New York City Department of Education serves Bensonhurst.
Zoned schools include:
  • P.S. 200 Benson School
  • P.S. 186 Dr. Irving A Gladstone School
  • P.S. 101 The Verrazano School
  • P.S. 204 The Vince Lombardi School
  • P.S. 128 Bensonhurst School
  • P.S. 247 The College Partnership Elementary School
  • The Mapleton School
  • I.S. 96 Seth Low
  • I.S. 281 Joseph B. Cavallaro
  • Edward B. Shallow Junior High
High schools include:
  • John Dewey High School
  • New Utrecht High School
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School
  • Lafayette High School
  • Bishop Kearney High School (New York City)
Colleges and Universities
  • Bramson ORT College


Bath Beach

Bath Beach is a neighborhood in the New York City Borough of Brooklyn in the United States. It is located at the southwestern edge of the borough on Gravesend Bay. The neighborhood borders Bensonhurst and New Utrecht across 86th Street; Dyker Beach Park and Golf Course across 14th Avenue; and Gravesend across Stillwell Avenue.

Streets of the neighborhood have a unique nomenclature. Four two-way thoroughfares traverse the neighborhood, running southeast/northwest, parallel to Shore Parkway: these are Cropsey Avenue, Bath Avenue, Benson Avenue, and 86th Street. Another, Harway Avenue, runs from Stillwell only as far as Twenty-Fourth Avenue. The one-way northeast/southwest cross-streets are numbered, with the word "Bay" attached (to distinguish them, for postal reasons, from other numbering systems elsewhere in the borough), from Bay 7th Street in the northwest through Bay 50th Street in the southeast. Every third "Bay" numbered street is replaced with a two-way numbered avenue, from Fourteenth Avenue in the northwest to Twenty-Eighth Avenue in the southeast (except for what would be Twenty-Second Avenue, which is called Bay Parkway). These avenues (as well as 86th Street) are part of the larger grid of avenues and streets encompassing other neighborhoods to the north and west, in the former Towns of Gravesend, New Utrecht, and Brooklyn.

Bath Beach is served by the D service of the New York City Subway system, along the BMT West End Line. Stations along the line serving the community are 18th Avenue, 20th Avenue, Bay Parkway, 25th Avenue, and Bay 50th Street.

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